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RSVP Needed for NatCon on CCBHCs, Grant Cycle Updates – 4/5/24

  • 1.  RSVP Needed for NatCon on CCBHCs, Grant Cycle Updates – 4/5/24

    National Council Staff
    Posted 04-05-2024 15:36

    Dear Association Executives – Following up on the discussion during our meeting today - at NatCon, we will host our third annual CCBHC State Leaders Luncheon. We need to know if you would like to attend.  If you have an additional staff member who you would like to join you, please send this time same link so they can fill out the document. RSVP HERE.

    Here are the meeting details:

    • Monday, April 15th at 11:30 am to 1:15 pm
    • Room: America's Center: 142
    • This room can fit only 80 people and we already have about 60 state officials who have RSVPed.

    Sharing this information regarding CCBHC state and clinic grants:

    CCBHC Clinic Grants -

    • Appropriations for the federal agencies for 2024 were finalized in late March. Congress allocated $385 million to CCBHC grants, which is level to FY23. In the current fiscal environment and given the restrictions appropriators were working with, level funding is a major win for this program and is indicative of ongoing congressional support for CCBHCs.
    • Because of the number of grants currently underway, the FY24 funds will primarily be used to support grant continuations. This means that no current grantees will see their funding cut or their grant interrupted, which is another win in today's fiscal environment.
    • Unfortunately, based on what we understand about the allocation of grant funds to date, we do not anticipate that SAMHSA will be able to launch a new grant cycle this year.
    • We recognize that this is disappointing news for many, and we will continue to advocate for increases to the CCBHC grant fund so that additional grants may be awarded in future years.
    • We will keep our members informed about opportunities for advocacy and any additional information about this year's grant cycle as it emerges.

    CCBHC State Demonstration Planning Grants -

    • These grants were funded under a different law and are not affected by the 2024 appropriations bills.
    • We do anticipate another round of state demonstration planning grants to open in the current calendar year – possibly as soon as this summer (although we do not have an exact date for the NOFO release).
    • These demonstration planning grants will be for states that intend to join or want to explore joining the demonstration in 2026. More details on eligibility will be released with the grant NOFO.

    Please let me or Rebecca Farley David or Brett Beckerson know if you have questions or if any additional information would be helpful.

    Thank you –  


    Reyna Taylor 
    Senior Vice President, Public Policy and Advocacy 
    Direct – 202-774-1651

    Neal Comstock
    Director of Membership
    National Council
    202 748-8793