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    Policy Forum

    Hello Everyone, We are talking about starting an annual Policy Forum either in conjunction with our conference or as a stand alone event. I know a lot of you do something like this so I would appreciate knowing how you conduct your forum.  Thanks for ...

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  • Following up from the conversation in our call earlier this week, attached are the quality and efficiency metrics used in the Tennessee Health Link (THL) program. THL is the behavioral health home model available to specific individuals in the TennCare ...

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    We have a growing Burmese population in our community where traditional MH education does not work, even basic MH education.  Looking for anyone who may have done anything in this area with this population or know of resources.  Looking at short videos ...


  • NatCon20 Cancellation

    Dear National Council Members, It is with a heavy heart,  I am notifying you first that we have cancelled NatCon20. This is incredibly disappointing, but the City of Austin and Travis County, Texas have decided that we are legally prohibited ... More