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Association Executive Directors Community  

This National Council Connect community is intended for the executive directors of our association member organizations only.

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CCBHC Expansion Grantees  

Online discussion board for organizations participating in the CCBHC Expansion Grantees Community of Practice (CoP) to ask questions, share successes, find resources, and support one another.

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Integrated Behavioral Health and Older Adults  

This community is focused on the behavioral health needs and well-being of Older Adults. Please feel free to ask questions, share resources, initiate discussions related to behavioral health and older adults.

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Member Community  

This is the members-only community for the provider members of The National Council for Behavioral Health.

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National Council Senior Leadership Team  

SLT Group Charter. As a group, we’ve committed to the following as we work together (which we’re happy to discuss further with you during our meeting):
o Open to new ideas
o Confidentiality
o Judgement/Discernment
o Unified message
o Company view
SLT Background
From an email that went out as a Cascading Message Week of Jan 2nd, 2017 that went to ALL Staff:
"The National Council has experienced unprecedented growth in the past year, and we are grateful to all of you for your part in that.
One of the things the Executive Leadership Team has been assessing in our offsite retreats is our organizational structure. To ensure we can meet the needs of our ever-growing organization and continue to remain outcome focused and results oriented, we are formally convening a new leadership group, made up of the assistant vice presidents from across the organization.
We so pleased to formally convene this new Senior Leadership Team – our department’s AVPs along with Susan Crow (Communications & Strategic Development), John Guillotte (Administration), Meaghon Reid (Mental Health First Aid), and Brie Reimann (CIHS). We are looking forward to having them work together across the organization to drive improvement initiatives and bring more cohesiveness to our constantly evolving structure."
From an email that went out as a Cascading Message Week of Jan 30th, 2017 that went to ALL Staff:
"The Senior Leadership Team will develop a flexible work arrangement policy for consideration by the organization. The goal is to have a draft by the end of March. Bruce Pelleu will be the liaison from the Executive Leadership Team on this initiative."

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