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National Council Managed Behavioral Health Care Toolkit Now Available! – 12/14/23

  • 1.  National Council Managed Behavioral Health Care Toolkit Now Available! – 12/14/23

    National Council Staff
    Posted 12-14-2023 09:33

      Hello Association Executives - We are happy to share the completed Managed Behavioral Health Care Toolkit with you. We developed the toolkit in collaboration with a number of state leaders and experts in this space with the goal of sharing resources to bolster the effectiveness of your engagement with managed behavioral health care. The toolkit includes guidance and lessons learned, as well as resources, including sample letters and contract provisions that are adaptable to fit the needs of your state. 
      The toolkit can be accessed with the link and password below. We encourage you to share this resource with your members. We are sharing this with you first, and plan to share it more broadly with our members in the new year. 
      Managed Behavioral Health Care Toolkit- National Council for Mental Wellbeing Managed Behavioral Health Care Toolkit
      The password is: Wellbeing1
      Toolkit Contents:

      • 2023 Update on Medicaid Managed Behavioral Health Care. A brief overview on current policy trends Medicaid managed behavioral health care. 
      • National Council Principles for Managed Behavioral Health Care. These are principles shared by the National Council and its members and should drive policy recommendations and efforts to change funding models for community based behavioral health centers. 
      • Recommendations to State Leaders Facing a New Version of "Carved-up" Behavioral Health Services. As states navigate a new version of "Carved-up" behavioral health services, these are lessons, tactics and strategies when going through a change in state funding approaches. 
      • Lessons Learned. With nearly every state facing some form of managed behavioral health care, these are a few tips to smooth the transition. 
      • Sample "Dear State Medicaid Director" Letters. As community behavioral health centers seek to build relationships and offer guidance to decision-makers, these letters can be adapted to meet advocacy and communication needs. 
      • Advocacy Template. Adapt this template to include resources and information for state policymakers. 
      • Sample Contract and Regulatory Language for Medicaid Behavioral Health Care. Sample language to adapt for specific state needs.
      • Annotated Resource List. Community behavioral health organizations can reference these resources in their advocacy and communications materials.

      Please let me or Keisha Pitts (Director of State Policy and Advocacy at or 202-629 5784) if you have any questions or if additional information would be helpful. We will also discuss this further at Tuesday's December Association Executives meeting. 

      Thank you.

      Reyna Taylor
      Senior Vice President, Public Policy and Advocacy
      Direct – 202-774-1651

      Neal Comstock
      Director of Membership
      National Council
      202 748-8793