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  • 1.  determining applicable revenue in membership dues

    Posted 01-26-2024 15:46

    Hi all,

    we're looking at switching our due structure from budget to revenue, and one of the questions that came up was how to give guidance about determining revenue for organizations that operate in multiple capacities.  Example, we had a questions from an FQHC that also does community behavioral health so they have two revenue buckets but one is off of a pps.  How have you navigated the determination of BH revenue of an FQHC?    Feel free to reach out directly to me or respond on this thread.  I'm not a big stickler, I tend to just want to say "estimate..."  Cheers!

    John Solomon
    Alaska Behavioral Health Association

  • 2.  RE: determining applicable revenue in membership dues

    Posted 01-26-2024 16:11

    Our association supports our FQHC members both with our behavioral health authority and with our Medicaid authority. I'm fine if the FQHCs don't want to pay dues on the primary care services they provide; we charge only on behavioral health revenue. Whether their revenue is from the PPS or non-PPS FFS, though, if it's to serve people with mental illness or substance use disorders, we're going to claim dues on that revenue (and not weight that revenue differently!).

    Mark LeVota
    Executive Director
    DC Behavioral Health Association
    Washington DC