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    Posted 04-11-2024 16:18

    Hi folks, our Board of Directors is evaluating the size of our Board. We currently have 19 seats, and Board members are divided whether we should have 10 or 25. For reference, we have 89 member organizations, so about 23% of members are currently represented on the Board.

    It would be helpful to hear:

    1. How many seats are on your Board of Directors?
    2. What percent of member organizations are represented on the Board?
    3. Does the association executive have a voting seat on the Board? 

    Thank you!

    Shannon Hall
    Community Behavioral Health Association of Maryland
    Catonsville MD
    410-788-1865 ext 2

  • 2.  RE: Board of Directors

    Posted 04-12-2024 09:46

    BHSA has 11 voting seats on the Board (5 Executive Committee, 4 Regional Reps, 2 At-Large Reps) and then the Committee Chairs and the Executive Director are ex-officio. This means we can have up to 18 Board members but usually we have committee chairs that are already serving on the Board. We only have 31 members (by design) which constitutes statewide representation within the association.  

    From my experience, there should always be an odd voting number to alleviate the concern of having a tie vote, although there are ways around that. 

    Laura Aldinger
    Behavioral Health Services Association of South Carolina
    Columbia SC

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    Posted 04-12-2024 09:46

    28 full members<u5:p></u5:p>

    14 associate members <u5:p></u5:p>

    All have a seat on the Board, but only full members can vote. <u5:p></u5:p>

    <u5:p> </u5:p>

    John J. Tassoni, Jr.

    President / CEO <u5:p></u5:p>

    The Leadership Council Of RI <u5:p></u5:p>

    15 Messenger Drive <u5:p></u5:p>

    Warwick, RI 02888

    401- 451-1305 Cell<u5:p></u5:p>

    401- 521-5759 Office<u5:p></u5:p>

    John Tassoni
    Substance Use and Mental Health Leadership Council of Rhode Island
    Warwick RI

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    Posted 04-12-2024 09:47


    1. Our bylaws say our board is 14-21 people, and if we go below 14 for some reason they can act for a reasonable amount of time until they fill it. Right now there are 16 members. They occasionally talk about adding people to meet DEI goals. 

    2. Our membership is about 290, I dunno, maybe 4%-5%?

    3. I am not considered a member of the board. There was talk in the past of making the President/CEO a non-voting member, but it doesn't appear to have had legs.


    Gian-Carl Casa
    President and CEO
    Connecticut Community Nonprofit Alliance, Inc.
    Rocky Hill, CT
    (860)525-5080 x1022

  • 5.  RE: Board of Directors

    Posted 04-12-2024 10:23
      |   view attached

    We have 10 positions on the board but only 9 of them are voting members - the affiliate member rep does not vote.  As ED I don't vote.  We have three grand divisions in Tn, so we have an east, west and middle region rep, and a consumer rep as well as the usual officers.   By laws are attached. 

    Mary Linden Salter
    Executive Director
    Tennessee Association of Alcohol, Drug and Other Addiction Services
    Nashville TN


    TAADAS ByLaws Nov 2023.pdf   781 KB 1 version

  • 6.  RE: Board of Directors

    Posted 04-12-2024 11:15

    Our bylaws say 11-19, but we typically keep it at 19.  If someone leaves, we can fill that seat with a board vote- it does not have to go to the membership. While we have about 400 members, many are not eligible (e.g., businesses, MCOs/Insurers, associate).  So about 6-7% of the eligible members are represented. The CEO (me) is a voting board member.

    We also have a category of Honorary Board member.  These are past Board Chairs who are still working in the field.  They can attend all meetings and participate, just technically without a vote.  Since we rarely have contentious votes, their participation is pretty much like all other board members.  We did this so as to not lose the history and continuity as new Board members joined. 

    Finally, we have a nominating committee that tries to look at geography, service, size, diversity, etc.  And we typically nominate a slate such that the vote is not a contested one.  In other words, we don't reach out to all the membership to look for nominees.

    Richard Edley
    Rehabilitation and Community Providers Association
    Harrisburg PA

  • 7.  RE: Board of Directors

    Posted 04-12-2024 12:24

    We have 17 board members, all voting are voting members. That represents about 9.6% of the membership of 164 provider organizational members. There are four officers, one immediate past chair and the remainder are at-large positions. As the President and CEO, I neither sit on the Board nor vote.

    Debra Wentz
    New Jersey Association of Mental Health and Addiction Agencies, Inc