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  • 1.  Association Effectiveness Surveys? - 7/22/22

    Posted 19 days ago
    Dear Colleagues - Do you have any copies of survey questions you can share, that any of the associations have put out to members to help them measure their own effectiveness as organizations? Such as level of satisfaction in services, identification of what services would be appreciated, etc. 

    Do you have any guidance materials on what an effective association would look like, or how it should measure itself? ie ideas of ways for ABHA to measure itself against, or example performance measures from other associations?


    Alaska Behavioral Health Association
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    Sherrie Hinshaw (Interim CEO) | 907-240-8460 |
    Jerry Jenkins (COO) | 907-317-9655 |

    Sherrie Hinshaw
    Alaska Behavioral Health Association
    Juneau AK

  • 2.  RE: Association Effectiveness Surveys? - 7/22/22

    Posted 16 days ago

    Sherrie, the Community Behavioral Health Association of Maryland has helped 17 participating members standardize their implementation of measurement-based care for five assessments and supported member benchmarking through an aggregate data warehouse. As a result of the standardization and aggregate result reporting, we are tracking and able to report on an association level and an individual provider level:

    • Reduction in suicidal thinking within 30 days of treatment initiation;
    • Statistically reliable change in symptom severity across an episode of care for PHQ-9 (depression), GAD-7 (anxiety), and Pediatric Symptom Inventory (PSC-17);
    • Therapeutic alliance – a predictor of client-dropout and (maybe?) appropriateness of telehealth – using both adult and child measures.


    We have 658 therapists, 25,000 clients, and 57,000 assessments scored. We're partnering with a wonderful vendor, Greenspace Health, in this work. It's really exciting work and I'd be happy to discuss it in more detail with you individually or any other interested association exec.


    Beyond the clinical outcomes described above, we're working to standardize and report other operational measures like timely access to treatment and, by connecting our data warehouse to the state's health information exchange, benchmarking inpatient and ED utilization data. This requires providers to standardize EMR use and connect them to our data warehouse. As a result, it's much more complex and costly than comparing clinical outcomes, but our first builds of these dashboards are electrifying!


    As a result of our work, our members can identify the specific patients at critical junctures in just a matter of clicks. Who's been discharged from the ED but not had a follow-up appointment? Who is still pinging high risk for suicidality two weeks after connecting with care? Who doesn't like their therapist and is probably about to ghost you?


    Delivering these analytics tools at reasonable cost to members, supporting their effective implementation through capacity-building and learning, and using the aggregate results to strengthen best practices is an important focus for association work. Happy to be a resource for more info.


    Shannon Hall


    Shannon Hall
    Community Behavioral Health Association of Maryland
    Catonsville MD
    410-788-1865 ext 2

  • 3.  RE: Association Effectiveness Surveys? - 7/22/22

    Posted 14 days ago

    Dear Colleagues,

    This reference is quite dated (originally published in 2006 and updated in 2013), yet I still find myself referring to it.  The book is published by the ASAE & The Center for Association Leadership in consultation with Jim Collins (the management consultant known for the book Good to Great) and it is called 7 Measures of Success: What Remarkable Associations Do That Others Don't.  Here also is the link to short related article on the topic by Jim Collins back in 2006.  It will give you the flavor of what the book covers.

    Hope this is helpful!



    Ann Christian | CEO

    Ann Christian
    Chief Executive Officer
    Washington Council for Behavioral Health
    Seattle WA