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SAMHSA block grant reporting

  • 1.  SAMHSA block grant reporting

    Posted 27 days ago

    I am curious how other states are fulfilling reporting requirements to SAMHSA for block grant funding. Specifically, SAMHSA requires reporting on "performance indicators and accomplishments" that includes employment status by diagnosis, social connectedness and improved functioning, living situation, and other details about client demographics.

    Maryland gathers this data by requiring providers to complete assessments with 60+ questions every six months in outpatient programs. The questionnaires used to be required as part of the authorization process. This was removed as a parity violation but is now going to be restored because we are told that Maryland will lose its block grant funding if the data isn't submitted.

    We are trying to encourage Maryland to be more creative in its approach, and it would be helpful to know if other states are gathering the data in similar or different ways:

    • Does your state draw the information from paid claims or other existing databases?
    • Does your state have any process for uploading EMR extracts, rather than manually entering the data?
    • Does any other state require the submission of data in order to get an authorization? Or as a "registration" process that purportedly complies with parity?
    • For states with a carve-in, how is the state mental health authority capturing data from Medicaid MCOs? If it's not, that would be helpful to know.

    Shannon Hall


    Shannon Hall
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  • 2.  RE: SAMHSA block grant reporting

    Posted 27 days ago

    TN uses GPRA or NOMS for A&D provider reporting as well as a payment database they use called TNWITS.


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    National Council Staff
    Posted 26 days ago

    This is a really great question.  I  cannot wait to hear what each of your states is doing regarding these reporting requirements.


                                    Best regards – Joe


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    Posted 26 days ago

    Great question Shannon.


    In Ohio, the state has designed a single system, OBHIS, that captures the MH and SUD NOMS.  It's required to be completed at intake, discharge, and annually if in longer term services.  All providers are required to submit information for any client receiving services funded by federal, state, or local funds.  SUD providers have used a previous version of this system for years, and when OBHIS launched last October, all MH and SUD providers are now expected to report data.  There is the ability for batch uploads so that providers can pull data from their systems into OBHIS rather than requiring manual data entry.  And, OBHIS has some better reporting templates for aggregating data at the provider, local/county, and state level.


    Here's a link to the system if you are interested:





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  • 5.  RE: SAMHSA block grant reporting

    Posted 26 days ago

    South Carolina has the TEDS/NOMS module built into our EHR, which each provider uses in the state and our SSA has access to in order to get the information to submit. It's incorporated into our statewide assessment and workflow to ensure all providers are following the same general workflow. The SSA also gets a data dump for which they pull the data out and submit. We are also working to integrate the GPRA into our EHR which will submit automatically for the state to the feds.


    Bottom line, all of our data is within the EHR and that's how it's pulled. It's then uploaded to the feds, but I am not sure how the SSA does that specifically.


    Hope this helps.