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Relief Fund Advocacy - We Need Your Feedback

  • 1.  Relief Fund Advocacy - We Need Your Feedback

    National Council Staff
    Posted 04-03-2020 15:03
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    Good afternoon,

    We'd like to enlist your help on a project that will ensure that we make the right "ask" when advocating for relief funding in the fourth COVID-19 package. This is of critical importance to all of us and has a tight turnaround time. The survey needs to be completed by April 10 (next Friday).

    On Monday, we will send the attached to every member of the National Council requesting that they respond to a simple 5-question survey from Survey Monkey. We know that some of these questions may be similar to those they responded to in another recent survey, but we need this information to guide us in our messaging to ensure that we get the funds needed to help them and the people they serve.

    Since time is of the essence, please encourage your members to complete this important survey as quickly as possible. We will send you the email at the same time we send out to our members on Monday and ask that you either forward it to your members or include in other communications with your members.

    We must have all responses to the survey by Friday, April 10!

    If you have any questions or if we can be of any assistance, please don't hesitate to contact Reyna Taylor at

    As always, we appreciate your support and all the hard work you do for the National Council and the behavioral health community. We will get through this crisis together.


    Nicholas Thomas
    National Council for Behavioral Health


    NCBH COVID-19 Survey.docx   35 KB 1 version