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HHS Extends Medicaid PRF Application Deadline

  • 1.  HHS Extends Medicaid PRF Application Deadline

    Posted 07-17-2020 17:08
    Hi Association Executives, 

    Today, HHS made the announcement that they are extending the application deadlines for providers to submit their information to the Medicaid/CHIP Provider Relief Fund portal from July 20 until August 3, 2020

    We strongly encourage you to reach out to your Medicaid-billing members to make an application to the portal if they have not done so. We have heard from HHS that behavioral healthcare providers are among those provider types not making many applications, which partially accounts for why they are keeping the portal open for two additional weeks. 

    Application information can be found here: 
    FAQs can be found here (updated frequently): 

    Please note: As of now, provider who received funding from the Medicare/General Distribution Provider Relief Fund are still ineligible to apply for funds from the Medicaid/CHIP pool. 

    Please let me know if you have any questions, 


    Frankie Berger
    Director, State Policy and Advocacy
    National Council for Behavioral Health