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user experience & operational readiness test results

  • 1.  user experience & operational readiness test results

    Posted 04-28-2020 13:44

    Optum appears to use the same standardized steps – including end-to-end or user experience testing and operational readiness testing – in its rollout of new products.


    Have any of you seen the results of those tests, either from having the state share it with you or from filing a FOIA request? I am trying to learn more about how the results of each test are measured.


    I'm concerned that the tests are going to erroneously skew positive by manipulating the denominator (with our much loved friend, clean claims) or that the state may move the goalposts to declare victory.


    If any of you have drilled down to this level, please let me know – I'd love to talk in more detail about these testing steps and how your states evaluated the results.


    Shannon Hall


    Shannon Hall
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