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Behavioral Health Workforce - Ohio's Whitepaper and Recommendations

  • 1.  Behavioral Health Workforce - Ohio's Whitepaper and Recommendations

    Posted 01-21-2022 17:12
    Happy Friday!

    I am pleased to share Ohio's whitepaper, "Breaking Point - Ohio's BH Workforce Crisis" that we recently released.  This incorporates data gathered from Ohio Council members to provide an in-depth look at the historical and current workforce challenges, the causes, and offers a host of short, medium, and long-term solutions.  We have shared this resource with our members, state policy makers, and other statewide associations to build awareness of the challenges, underscore the importance of mental health as essential health, and gain momentum for BH workforce policy initiatives to both stabilize the workforce and begin building solutions for the future.  It's been well received by our Governor's office and state agencies - including the Department of Insurance.

    Please feel encourage to use, borrow or share this resource or any recommendations if useful to the workforce work you are doing in your state.  

    My best,
    Teresa Lampl

    Teresa Lampl
    Ohio Council of Behavioral Health & Family Services Providers
    Columbus OH