Gina Ehlert, M. Ed.

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Gina Ehlert, M. Ed. is the foundinEhlert contracts with the National Council for Behavioral Health and U.C. Davis Extension’s Center for Human Services—among others—to develop and deliver training and consulting services related to adult learning theory, as well as a broad array of topics related to leadership, wellness, management and supervision. 
 Gina has a strong knowledge base and experience in these areas:

*  Adult learning principles
*  Curriculum Design and Development
*  Supervision, Management and Leadership principles
*  Bridges Out of Poverty Lifetime Facilitator
*  Wellness Recovery Action Planning Facilitator
*  General Business Topics, e.g., Conflict Resolution, Team Building, etc.

Mrs. Ehlert has over 25 years of experience working with California county social services, alcohol, drug, mental health and provider agencies.  She has worked in various supervision and management roles and brings extensive experience in workforce, education, training and learning development.  Additionally, Ehlert is a certified lifetime trainer for the Bridges Out of Poverty program and is a certified Wellness Recovery Action Planning facilitator.  She has been a keynote speaker, a conference presenter and a sought-after trainer for California social services agencies.

Recently, Ehlert completed work on a 9-year contract with the California Institute for Behavioral Health Solutions that provided workforce development management and coordination for a collaboration of 20 county behavioral health agencies, educational and non-profit organizations in the Central Region of California.  This work involved heading a massive initiative that included training over 200 Mental Health First Aid instructors resulting in over 25,000 community members being trained in the Central Region of California.

Mrs. Ehlert holds a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Business Management, a Master’s of Science degree in Education and certificates in Human Resources Management and Online Teaching and Learning.