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Legislative Bill Reviews/Policy Committees

  • 1.  Legislative Bill Reviews/Policy Committees

    Posted 02-12-2020 10:51
    We are trying to find a better way of doing our legislative bill review and establishing our policy platform for each year. I would be interested in what other state associations do and any recommendations.

    Thanks for your help!!

    Annette Dubas
    Executive Director
    Nebraska Association of Behavioral Health Organizations
    Fullerton NE

  • 2.  RE: Legislative Bill Reviews/Policy Committees

    Posted 02-13-2020 11:39
    Hi Annette,

    We subscribe to a state bill tracking service that sends bills our way to review.  Once we have a position on the bills we put them on the "public facing" side of our website with our position.  We have five categories.  Active oppose and active support mean that we will be testifying and actively lobbying on the bill.  Support and oppose means we will add our logo to fact sheets and such, but not spend a ton of time on it, and monitor is just that.  We have a public policy committee that helps us review bills if we are not sure what position to take.  We also have board policy positions that provide guardrails on big issues so we can use that to help us decide a position without having to ask members on every bill.

    Here is a link to what is on our website.  Let me know if you want to hop on a call to talk more.

    Doyle Forrestal
    Executive Director
    Colorado Behavioral Healthcare Council
    Denver CO