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Medical Marijuana

  • 1.  Medical Marijuana

    Posted 10-29-2019 08:43
    There is currently a move to get approval for medical marijuana on the Nebraska ballot. Our association has not taken a formal position on this issue but I am having some contact from people asking my/our thoughts or position. For those of you who have passed Medical Marijuana laws in your state can you give me the pros and cons?


    Annette Dubas
    Nebraska Association of Behavioral Health Organizations
    Fullerton NE

  • 2.  RE: Medical Marijuana

    Posted 10-30-2019 13:47
    Annette, thats a complicated question to say the least.   A lot has been stated and shared on both sides about this issue.   Here's a link with some information about our original ballot initiative, Prop 215, which was voted on and passed back in 1996.   There's a lot of issues to think about including regulating the industry, enforcement, how to tax it, etc.  On the medical side theres a lot of information about how it has helped many people, but the science of it all has come a long way since CA first passed the initiative.,_the_Medical_Marijuana_Initiative_(1996)

    I hope this helps.  Also, the National Council has a new Director for State Policy and Advocacy, Frankie Berger.  He may be able to help as well.

    Paul Curtis
    Executive Director
    California Council of Community Behavioral Health Agencies
    Sacramento CA