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Ohio Council COVID-19 BH Provider Impact Survey - July 2020

  • 1.  Ohio Council COVID-19 BH Provider Impact Survey - July 2020

    National Council Staff
    Posted 07-24-2020 15:05

    The Ohio Council has finalized the results from the most recent COVID-19 BH Provider Impact Survey conducted 7/14/20 – 7/17/20.  We received responses from 74 provider organizations representing a diverse and representative sample that describe the impact of COVID-19 on service access and capacity, workforce, and business operations.  Here are a few highlights from this survey:   

    • 69% of behavioral health organizations report that the majority of their services continue to be provided via telehealth.  Nearly 60% of organizations report they plan to continue providing as many services through telehealth as possible. 
    • 95% of organizations reported a decrease in weekly revenue and the majority of organizations (58%) report a decrease in weekly revenue of 21% or more. 
    • BH Providers have successfully accessed federal coronavirus funds to sustain service access, workforce and operations.  
      • 78% of organizations responding to this survey received forgivable loans through the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP). However, 15% of organizations were ineligible to even apply for the PPP due to organizational size. 
      • 73% of organizations reported receipt of HHS Provider Relief Funds at the time of the survey. 18% were in the process of applying for the Targeted Medicaid distribution 
    • PPP loans and other one-time federal funding has temporarily improved providers financial position with 66% of BH provider organization reporting more than 90 days cash on hand. 
    • 38 organization reported furloughing or laying off 915 FTEs due to the pandemic.  Access to the federal PPP loans have enabled organizations to re-hire 324.25 FTEs or 35% of those furloughed/laid off. 
    • Access to Personal Protective Equipment has improved; however, BH providers continue to experience challenges in obtaining disinfecting/antibacterial cleaning wipes, disinfecting cleaning sprays and products, and hand sanitizer.   

    In summary:  The latest Ohio Council BH Provider Survey documents the significant use of telehealth services to sustain service access during the pandemic. However, overall revenue has decreased by more than 20% for most BH provider organizations in a mostly telehealth environment.  BH Providers have successfully accessed federal loan programs and other one-time resources to offset these losses, sustain workforce, and ensure access to critical behavioral health services.  Moving forward, additional longer-term strategies and federal/state investment will be needed to cover the added expenses associated with COVID-19 in order to sustain the existing behavioral health infrastructure and respond to the expected surge in demand for mental health and addiction services.

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